We are Gobo Teatro, a professional theatre company based in London since 2017. The company was founded by our Artistic Director, Jesús Chavero.

We are a theatre composed of a multicultural team from different nationalities and backgrounds. Our main aim is to bring to the English audience the best Spanish text and introduce more famous golden age playwrights apart from the already well-established Lorca.

Jesus Chavero

Artistic Director


Jesús Chavero knew that his real vocation was being a Theatre Director since he can remember. He started with directing when he had 21 years old while he was studying Philosophy in Seville.
One of the first plays he did then was directing, appropriately to his name, Jesús Christ Superstar with 120 friends in a beautiful church in Seville setting a milestone where his carrier started.
He continued his education by studying Stage Management and Dramaturgy at the Performing Art School of Castilla y León. After finishing he spent additional 6 months at Grotowski Institute in Poland.
During his carrier, he directed a wide range of plays not only in Spain but also in Poland and now England like “Mucho ado about nothing” by William Shakespeare, “Life is a dream” by Calderón de la Barca, “El método Grönholm” by Jordi Galcerán and selection of plays by Federico García Lorca - “So 5 years pass”, “Yerma”, “Blood Wedding”.
As his network expands in Spain, Poland, and England he decided to create Gobo Teatro company to be able to gather creative people together.
His first play under Gobo Teatro company was The Tricycle which got personal approval and blessing straight from Fernando Arrabal officially starting hist next step of his journey.

Copyright © 2019 GoboTeatro

Copyright © 2019 GoboTeatro