We are Gobo Teatro, professional theatre company based in London since 2017. Company was founded by our Artistic Director, Jesús Chavero.

We are theatre composed by a multicultural team from different nationalities and backgrounds. Our main aim is to bring to English audience best Spanish text and introduce more famous golden age playwrights apart from already well established Lorca.

2020 is a very exciting year for us because we have a lot of new projects incoming, not only producing new plays but also looking into helping actors achieve their best and looking into how through art we can tackle struggles of current realities of society.

We are happy to announce our new project!


We are going back with new version of The Tricycle by Fernando Arrabal

You will find us in Barons Court Theatre from 7th of January to 2nd of February

Tickets available at Barons Court Theatre

Box Office: 020 8932 4747



The Tricycle is a strangely light-hearted tale of poverty and murder. This perfect example of absurd theatre questions the limits of freedom and the relationship between our acts and their consequences in a rotten society in which children have to commit sinister acts to survive.
The Tricycle tells the story of a murder committed by marginal individuals (Climando, Apal and Mita) to a citizen to rob him and the process of their arrest and death.
At the beginning of the play, Climando’s concerns seem to be reduced to paying for the tricycle rental, which serves as a tool to earn money to protect the rest of the characters. Mita instead, proposes her desire to escape the system by committing suicide, where Apal has decided to evade himself from the reality by constantly falling asleep. This situation will be alternated when the man with the banknotes appears. The teenagers see how the possibility of having the money for the hire of the tricycle and to live in peace may become reality. The decision of killing the man with the banknotes reveals the necessity of survival, but do Climando and his friends understand the consequences of their acts?
The last of the characters, the Old Man with the Flute represent the connection between the world we can see on the stage and the incomprehensible world outside where the policeman belong.

Jesus Chavero

Artistic Director


Jesús Chavero knew that his real vocation was being a Theatre Director since he can remember. He started with directing when he had 21 years old while he was studying Philosophy in Seville.
One of the first play he did then was directing, appropriately to his name, Jesús Christ Superstar with 120 friends in beautiful church in Seville setting a milestone where his carrier really started.
He continued his education by studying Stage Management and Dramaturgy at the Performing Art School of Castilla y León. After finishing he spent additional 6 months at Grotowsky Institute in Poland.
During his carrier he directed wide range plays not only in Spain, but also in Poland and now England like “Mucho ado about nothing” by William Shakespeare, “Life is a dream” by Calderón de la Barca, “El método Grönholm” by Jordi Galcerán and selection of plays by Federico García Lorca - “So 5 years pass”, “Yerma”, “Blood Wedding”.
As his network expands in Spain, Poland and England he decided to create Gobo Teatro company to be able to gather creative people together.
His first play under Gobo Teatro company was The Tricycle  which got personal approval and blessing straight from Fernando Arrabal officially starting hist next step of his journey.




Ryan Yengo

Ryan was born in August, 1997 in Edmonton, North London. After discovering his passion for acting, as a teenager he went on to study Performing Arts at City of Westminster College. After completing his course Ryan went on to study a Foundation Course at East 15. Ryan has also trained in the National Youth Theatre Senior Course and had recently gained his first professional credits.



Tom Patrick Coley

Tom is a recent graduate of East 15 Acting School. Duding East 15, he took on roles in Macbeth, The Cherry Orchard and the modern adaptation of The White Devil directed by Taio Lawson. Tom also trained with Laruence Mitchell at the Home Studio and spent a summer at the Stella Adler studio Art of Acting in Los Angeles.



Lakshmi Khabrani

Lakshmi Khabrani is a theatre practitioner, researcher, professional actress, director and teacher. Together with her MA from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, she has a BA in acting, and she also has studied Circus, Photography, Film and Capoeira. Lakshmi has worked as an acting coach as well as an actress for international theatre companies, playing lead roles in plays such as The Tempest, Yerma, The Tricycle or Henry V.  She has credits on TV Series in Spain and played the role of ‘Fatima’ in the Feature Film El Próximo Oriente (The Near East), nominated for 2 Goya Awards (National Awards).


The Old Man

Jerry Ezekiel

Jerry Ezekiel is THE OLD MAN WITH THE FLUTE. Jerry originally hails from Kolkata, India and emigrated to the UK at the age of fifteen. He became an actor after spending a good many years as a professional musician, playing saxophone. He has worked in feature films and television for most of his carrier, including leading and principal roles. In the last few years he has concentrated, for the most port, on the stage.



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Copyright © 2019 GoboTeatro

Copyright © 2019 GoboTeatro